I am proud to announce the availability of MFU (Multiple File Uploader) v0.1 . This is a small project that we developed with Florent Valdelievre. If you are using the dojo toolkit and are looking for a clean, customizable file uploader, that works pretty much the same way as gmail file attachment mechanism (demo here), then please check it out ! The most important features include :

  • Cross-browser compliance: MFU has been successfully tested on IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Moreover, it builds on top of dojo abstractions which provide a cross-browser compatiblity layer
  • Ease of use: MFU either comes as an easy-to-use standalone, striped-down, optimized version, or as a module that can be plugged into any dojo-based application. MFU distribution comes bundled with a set of sample HTML/JavaScript templates as well as a sample PHP-based server-side implementation. See the Quickstart for more information.
  • Customizable look: MFU takes advantage of dojo’s Template mechanism. As a matter of fact, the layout, links, and general appearance are completly configurable through an html template. This is particularly handy in situations where you need to customize MFU for your site’s look and feel.
  • Internationalizable (i18n): All links and error messages take advantage of dojo’s internationalization support. You are more than welcome to fork the code on github to provide additional translations.
  • Free Software: MFU is liberally dual-licensed under the New BSD license and the Academic Free License v2.1 (same license terms as dojo). Feel free to either contribute to or fork the source code on github

Please do not hesitate to drop me an email if you have trouble using MFU. And of course, the project is hosted on github, so contributing is a breeze :) Just fork to provide additional code or translations, and we’ll be thrilled to include your enhancements in the next release.

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Détenteur d’un baccalauréat en anthropologie et d’un certificat en journalisme, Gabriel s'intéresse au phénomène humain en général et en particulier aux communications. Sa rigueur et ses grandes aptitudes rédactionnelles contribuent au quotidien à faire de lui un collaborateur de choix en matière de création de contenu. Ayant œuvré dans divers contextes, tant au sein d’une grande agence que du côté client, il a eu la chance de se familiariser avec les nombreuses facettes de l’élaboration et de la diffusion de campagnes de communication. Il s’est joint récemment à l’équipe de Pyxis.